A study in January 2019 by realestate.com.au shows the housing market is in decline. Now more than ever, more opportunities are available to buyers. This makes it difficult for sellers to sell a property when the consumer has so much choice in the market. This in turn means that sellers must compete with eachother to get the attention of the buyer. As such the market now demands the use of floor plans in every listing.

This Is What Buyers Have To Say:

  • “A floor plan can save a lot of driving and looking.”

  • “Photos often hide the size of a room. So I'm less likely to arrange an inspection without a floorplan. They may not tell the whole story, but there’s a lot that can be determined just from the floor plan.”

  • “Floorplans encourage potential buyers that know what they are looking for.  It will also keep away potential buyers that walk in the door and walk right back out because they hate the layout."

We offer floor plans in Standard Black & White and Coloured Formats. Laser-measured and professionally drawn by our specialist team, our floor plans help bring a property to life prior to inspection to give you a competitive edge against the competition.



Floor plans are a great way to show potential buyers or tenants the layout and design of a home. It gives precise measurements that are clear and easy to read allowing people to plan ahead.


Coloured floor plans bring a plain plans to life with furniture, flooring, and amenities layouts and an visually appealing feel. At a glance a rooms functionality can be easily identified. Plans can be custom made with your choice of colours.


We also offer site plans, drawn to show the location of the residence, garage, carport, pool, courtyards and other out buildings on the block.

If you already have a building or council plan you can save time and money by sending it to us. Whilst these are often difficult for buyers to follow, we can redraw plans to be more user-friendly. Whichever floor plan you opt for, you are guaranteed a professionally drafted plan will give you the best shot at securing the right buyer for your home.

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